1/14/22 Friday Update

Good afternoon Alcott School Community,

Wow!  What a week.  COVID has hit our campus (as it has our entire country).  But what I have observed is remarkable.  I believe our team has become stronger.  I am watching colleagues supporting each other and the district staff who have been on site this week have commented on our positive culture.  That fills my bucket more than I can say.  We are coming together around a focus for kids and staff.  We are beginning to check in with each other and I am even seeing drops being handed out.  As families, you too, fill our Buckets.  I continue to ask for your patience and understanding with our staff. 

The challenges that we are faced with are tough on our TEAM and your simple words of praise and encouragement (drops in our buckets) go a long way.  Be sure to send a thank you to your classroom teachers, office staff, custodial staff, and others on our Alcott Team. 

This week I have been in classrooms to facilitate our weekly Class Meeting format in all TK-5th grade classrooms.  This simple 20–30-minute weekly practice is focused on empowering our students around the use of “I statements” to create a stronger and more positive school culture.  I am committed to ensuring all students and staff feel Welcome and Safe at Alcott.  Your children may be discussing the Bucket Concept and our Class Meetings, and I encourage you to engage in these powerful conversations.  The Home/School Connection is invaluable. 

We have introduced a new program at Alcott called “Caught You Being A Bucket Filler”.  Each week our staff will be handing out tickets to students for demonstrating what it means to be a Bucket Filler.  Those tickets are going into a bucket and each Monday, I will be drawing names to have Pizza with the Principal.  Be sure to follow on our social media (website) for pics of the fun.  We will also be introducing a Feeling Word of The Week (FWOW) each Monday during my whole school announcement and drawing.  The FWOW will be discussed in classrooms and throughout our campus.  All staff will be making the FWOW a focus of our discussions in class meetings and throughout our lessons.

As we create systems that promote positive restorative practices, we will see a student body able to use “I statements” and begin to resolve conflicts on their own.  This is a strategy and skill that will create stronger Leaders and Scholars in our future.  Kids who are empowered and have a voice become stronger and more well-rounded adults in a society that desperately needs more compassion, patience, and understanding.

Friday is a Minimum day for all TK-5 grade students.  Don’t forget to have your child picked up by 12:45.

All preschool classes will run their normal schedules.

Campus Beautification: 

As I outlined during our earlier Town Hall Meetings, I am focused on several Campus Beautification Projects for Alcott. 

Phase II includes the new trees being planted in front of our school.  Looking forward to seeing our trees blossom in the Spring!


  • For Staff:  Beginning on Tuesday January 18, 2022, all employees must comply with the updated mask requirement that includes the following:  
    • Wearing a 3-ply surgical-type mask with a nose wire; OR
    • Wearing a higher-level of PPE (e.g., KF94, KN95 or N95 respirator masks). Fit testing for KN95 and N95 masks is generally not required (Fit testing is only required for specialized employees exposed to specific hazards).
    • Employees may no longer wear a cloth mask by itself, cloth masks can only be worn over a surgical mask.
    • Employees with mask accommodations issued by Human Resources, may continue to follow their accommodation.
  • Students are still required to wear a mask and are now strongly encouraged, but not required, to wear a well-fitting, non-cloth mask of multiple layers with a nose wire. 
  • Masking is required for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, indoors and outdoors except when eating or drinking. Masks will be provided to students and staff in need of one at their campus.
  • Please see this  Updated Masking Requirements Flyer

Enjoy your weekend. 


Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Use this 3-day weekend to pamper yourself, you deserve it!


Principal Lewis

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